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Mother never says wrong..

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Insist on scorching sunshine and baby out in the afternoon. But there will be no mother who will allow the child to play in the sun. Mother never says that take a bath in the first rain because she does not want her child to eat medicines lying on the bed throughout the day. When the mother says that the son sleeps, otherwise the ghost will come, even in this, the truth beyond words is even more truthful. However, a lot is changing over time. But what has not changed is the relationship between mother and child. On this Mother’s Day we will talk about how mother changed our lives and showed us the path to move forward. We should never forget that whatever we are doing in our life today, it is only thanks to our beloved mother.

A true guide

Emotional feelings arise in our hearts when we hear a true guide mother. Mother is an eternal word on which the child believes in blind faith without knowing it because she knows that mother is her true guide.

If the child’s conduct is ritualistic, then she will not allow a question mark on our existence in the future. Some children behave indecently to the elders, so the mother inspires children with their own behavior because children learn what they see.

Bad Habits

Currently, video chatting, Facebook’s wildly and unselfish use has made the child lonely and imprisoned in rooms. No mother would want her child to video chat on Facebook. Apart from this, every day, the junk food has increased a lot in every child, so every mother wants that she keep her child away from her and feed her nutritious food.


mother always inspires children to work on school and to study regularly, and scolds whenever needed. A mother reveals the importance of her child to study and inspires to be a good person. Preparing for Challenges A mother teaches her child to face difficulties at every turn of his life and prepares to face every challenge running away from fear of his life.

Direction indicators of youth

 Even though the direction of the youth is big, mother often asks the children to eat at the right time and come home on time. Mother never says that you drive fast or you go to the club or bar. Every mother wants her child to become so proud that she can feel proud in front of others.

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