A hear touching must read true story of mother’s love and care showing a miracle.

A hear touching must read true story of mother’s love and care showing a miracle

Image result for mother on sewing machineRaipur A small family was happily living their life. A sudden thunderstorm hit the entire family. At that time, it was the patience of the mother Rupa Verma that kept the entire family financially and mentally. In 2008 Husband Ashok Verma and younger son Ankit Verma were killed in a road accident. The source of income in the house was only due to Ashoka being life. After the accident, the victim was paralyzed, Ashok was hospitalized for breaking the bone. It is difficult to fill the 7th semester of mechanical engineering of the eldest son Akhil, the situation was so bad. Besides, the younger son, Ankit, was determined to give up the whole of his mother rather than breaking his mother’s eyes. The mother wrote such an example of victory that the doctors also described it as a miracle.

Following Ankit’s accident, the doctor just answered physiotherapy by telling him the same hope of recovering him. Paying physiotherapy fees every time it has become difficult for Rupa. On one hand, the cost of the house and on the other hand, the fees of the son’s physiotherapist were difficult to bear for both. Rupa remembered the sewing that was written years ago. Then what she started sewing machine and sewing people’s clothes. She do not forget to give physiotherapy to the son, who runs foot on the sewing machine day and night. At the time, he would give his son the help and would be engaged in sewing work from day to night without seeing the time.

And mother wrote history …

Despite giving the doctor’s answer, the mother kept the hope of recovering by giving her therapies to the son. After some years, after seeing his mother’s struggles, the son gradually began to feel improvised in his body. At that time the doctors of the son’s recovery have started to believe in miracles. Under severe circumstances, the service of the husband, the son’s Therapy, was the force of Rupa that ran the family with the older son’s fees. The situation gradually changed, the husband had been cured and started helping in running the house. Son completed mechanical studies and employed the engineer in a large company today. Husband and sons have seen the mother sweating sweat on the sewing machine for years, after which they no longer allow the mother to put a hand on the sewing machine.

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